The new trend

Exclusive models in rectangular pools 



For years the rectangular pool has been a trend. Its minimalist forms make it perfect for almost any garden. There’s a wide range of models of fiberglass pools with a variety of sizes and interior finishes, but maintaining the rectangular shape of the pool.

21 end products

Pools with several sizes and exclusive finishes

Ceramic de Luxe offers you 7 spectacular ranges of luxury swimming pools of different sizes. Organic shapes, with highly functional designs, cared for down to the smallest detail that will make your moments of relaxation something unique.


7 models

9 colours



9 colours


3 models

9 colours



9 colours


2 models

9 colours



9 colours



9 colours


8 models

9 colours


1 models

9 colours

Customized pools

Colors inspired by precious stones

Ceramic de Luxe presents a range of innovative colors inspired by precious stones. Stylish, nuanced colors that will attract your attention in a relaxing way, and enhance the setting of your home.

Still haven’t chosen the Ceramic de Luxe pool that’s right for you?

Let yourself be guided by one of our professional advisers.

They will contact you to resolve all your doubts and tell you which pool will be the best in your design garden.

Installation time of ceramic de Luxe luxury pools

Ceramic de Luxe swimming pools are entirely manufactured in our factories. The installation of your designer swimming pool will be done in a few days, it does not require weeks or months of work.

Why buy a luxury swimming pool that brings magic to your garden?

Trends are changing and sophistication is stalling. A luxury swimming pool is fully in line with new trends. They stand out not only aesthetically, but also in their quality and durability.

Thanks to their exclusive colors and minimalist shapes, luxury ceramic swimming pools will dazzle your garden.

From Mon de Para, we recommend that you decorate the garden according to the pool you want to put.

For example, if you want to install a designer swimming pool with straight and clean shapes, the garden should follow this style with designer furniture and smooth floors or tiles.

Another fundamental aspect that will make the exteriors of your home more welcoming and beautiful is the lighting of the garden. Play with warm lights, wraparound LED strips, or even torches.

Know the ideal price for your luxury ceramic swimming pool?

Thanks to our network of official distributors, we serve practically all of Western Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Italy and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

If you are interested in having an exclusive Ceramic de Luxe swimming pool, send us by filling out the contact form and an agent will contact you as soon as possible.

Ceramic de Luxe guarantee

The best guarantee in the market

Our goal is full satisfaction during your times of relaxation. That’s why we at Ceramic de Luxe offer top-quality products, with the best guarantees in the market.

  • 10 year gel coat guarantee
  • 20 year osmotic acid guarantee
  • 30 year structure guarantee

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