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The latest in technology and materials

Ceramic de Luxe quality

Proven high quality and resilience

Our production process of pools of the brand Ceramic de Luxe has passed through a very strict laboratory analysis.
The previous photograph shows how the gold colour looks.

Microscopic view of the gold colour, in which the 3D effect and the absence of air bubbles can be appreciated.

  1.  Three layers of three-dimensional gelcoat.
  2. High-resistance chemical barrier.
  3. Sandwich laminate with structural interlaced mat.


Plate after long ageing process in laboratory.

Ceramic de Luxe guarantee

The best guarantee in the market

Our goal is full satisfaction during your times of relaxation. That’s why we at Ceramic de Luxe offer top-quality products, with the best guarantees in the market.

  • 10 year gel coat guarantee
  • 20 year osmotic acid guarantee
  • 30 year structure guarantee

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