Although it has been several days since we returned from the Piscine Global Europe show, held in Lyon from November 15 to 18, we still have the good taste in our mouths that our participation in it has left us. And it is that the Ceramic de Luxe novelties for 2023 have had a magnificent reception among the many attendees at this event, a key date for the sector. We are going to tell you about those new paradises that we will launch next year:

The pool of the future
The new times require intelligent solutions. For this reason, after thirty years of innovation in the field of swimming pools, at Ceramic de Luxe we have designed what will clearly be the pool of the future. A model with two variants, Iris 1 and Iris 2, with square shapes and reduced dimensions. A very suitable sustainable option for small spaces. As you can see, any space is ideal to establish your own little private paradise.

Designed for horizontal enjoyment
Lyra is a new pool concept, very popular and in demand among our customers. Not everyone wants a paradise to swim and dive into at all times. There are people who prefer to enjoy it in a horizontal position, that is, reading, relaxing or simply sunbathing. Ask us for a pool with a solarium included and we will offer you Lyra.

Always clean and crystal clear
This is how the water in your Lyra pool will stay: clear and crystal clear. The reason is that you can place in it a self-floating blind cover, Maia, mechanized and much more resistant and durable than other options on the market. We leave you the space to do so, if you wish. If your paradise is going to be located in an area of ​​trees, ask us for Maia.

A unique design that will make you float
In mid-2022 we surprised the world by launching Levitter, a unique novelty that has revolutionized the world of monoblock pools due to its floating steps. Now it is the turn of Maia Levitter, a version of this revolutionary pool, which allows adding a space in which to place a self-floating and mechanized blind. With Maia Levitter, your paradise will always remain fully protected.